14 August 2014

Ma skizzle! (My god...)

Some more sketches although I planned not to post more. My Manga-Workshop works are still not completely ready since I want to see some more effort on them and send them to competition which is for all who took part in the Workshops.

I have now incredible amount of ink-pens and that's why I try to ink every sh*t which I create even just as practice if nothing else. Sorry! ;P Here you can see in some parts what happens when you are inking in old moving train.


  1. > although I planned not to post more.

    Why would you plan this? The drawings are amazing :)


    1. Oh stop it you... ^///^ Thanks!

      I would like to have just comics here and the sketches only in my folders where no one ever sees them. Maybe I create soon Facebook page where I can post all my mindless pieces and sketches also so people like you, who have interest, get opportunity to see them. We'll see!