06 November 2014

Hamster diarys

I love the manga "Hamster diarys. Maybe I make in future some more comics about hamsters (with better quality than this). Curse you urge to make speed postings!

02 November 2014

Be part of the Advent calendar 2014!

Great how my clothes accidently changed in every panel...

I know it's only November but I want to start little before it's too late so I can also put some quality in the pictures. :P

So here's the point:
  1. From 1st of December till the 24th I will publish one drawing or sketch each day over a theme which's determined by YOU
  2. Post here a comment where you send me as crazy wish as you come up! For example "Draw Mr. Spock riding a zombie-robot-unicorn while eating ice cream!" The crazier the better!
    If you know me in real you can also send me message through Facebook etc. if you don't want to write here. I understand English, German and Finnish if you want to make your wish in your own language. The actual post will be in English if it includes text.
  3. If there will be more than 24 wishes, I'll choose max. 1 wish from one reader and if there's still too much, I take the ones which I find most funny/interesting or which I just would like to draw! If there's very good ones still left after December, maybe I'll draw them later as extra, we'll see ;)
  4. Wishes don't need to be christmas related but little winter-spirit would be nice since it's advent calender. Just post whatever you want and we'll see what will happen! :)
So my dear friends! Start sending me the craziest ideas you ever had!