21 May 2015

Itkis helping at Yakitori booth in DoKomi 2015!

(what a crappy scan...)

Well however: Tomorrow I'll be on the way to my first real Anime Convention, DoKomi in Düsseldorf, and immediately as a worker. :3 I'll be helping out at Yakitori booth and if I have time I'm going to check out some other booths at same. I'm sooo excited! x3

Alle Deutscher: kommt und besucht mich! :)

19 May 2015

Life hacks

Here you see what "drawing table" I mean. With the erasers the best is to brake one to half that you have two equal thick pieces. :')

Very unspectacular post but I just wanted to show that I'm alive. On my Facebook page has been happening more but previous weeks have been very rough for me so all kind of drawing has been left aside. Now I try to get again more active and next weekend I visit my first real Con!