25 October 2012

Get well soon

This time I show you a get well card which I made for my coworker who had operation with leg and can't come to work for around 4 weeks. It's made in Illustrator but still very simple style and less effects. At least I'm getting slowly better with Illustrator. :) (just with exporting I need to get better. anyhow all pictures get all fuzzy or other way weird)

The text in the bubble is buddhist mantra which my coworker is saying very often for example for calming down. More info for example here.

I think next post will be comic, I already started it and what I'm now working on Illustrator is a bigger project so I will be able to do other stuff meanwhile.

24 October 2012

Big in Japan

Dream going true soon... Kendo, Tokyo, completely different culture and lifestyle... Coming soon!

The picture again made with Illustrator. I'm on boom with it lately. :') We'll see if I manage to make myself to finish any comics also soon.

17 October 2012

Schatzilein... und ihr alle anderen!

I'm alive!

It's ages now from the last time I posted here anything n I think my drawing skills also made downgrade but I just wanted to say that I'm still checking up this blog n its statistics n I'm happy to see that there's every day visitor even when I've been so uncreative last months (well, year). Thank you everyone, I promise to let my creativity to fly free again soon!

Here's as a cheer up of my long absence a card which I made for my darling Rane. We've been at 10.10.12 exactly 4 years together. Writings about us is also seeable in previous posts. :) It feels like we've been together ages specially when I see from my blog "there I talked about him again". O__o This card I made in Illustrator with only couble of effects. Now when I look at it, I would want to make it better n give it again to Rane. Well, the next cards I make more detailed.

But anyway, luv u honeybun.... and all you visitors <3>