24 August 2014

Workshop works part 1

Here are some pieces from the Manga-workshop. In these ones I tryed to use different kinds of text bubbles and backgrounds, story is not very great in either of them but well... more coming soon!

19 August 2014

_\,,/ ù___ú \,,/_

Testing some different techniques. I'm not so happy with just black and white. Graytones look nicer... *notes*

14 August 2014

Ma skizzle! (My god...)

Some more sketches although I planned not to post more. My Manga-Workshop works are still not completely ready since I want to see some more effort on them and send them to competition which is for all who took part in the Workshops.

I have now incredible amount of ink-pens and that's why I try to ink every sh*t which I create even just as practice if nothing else. Sorry! ;P Here you can see in some parts what happens when you are inking in old moving train.

09 August 2014

Manga-workshop in flagship store of Faber-Castell Frankfurt


Aaaaah... finally at home after long day of drawing and learning. Hopefully I see these people again and that this is my first step to german Anime/Manga scenery. :3

And this day also prowes once again how great Faber-Castell eguipment is. ~w~

Ready comics and drawings coming soon! (I couldn't finish yet...)

06 August 2014

Hairstyles n doodles

Well... that last one don't present reality at all but I had urge to draw something... sexy for once. ;)

In weekend I take part in Faber-Castell Comic-Workshop in Frankfurt. I'm pretty excited, hopefully I learn something usefull there. :) Pictures and drawings will follow...

03 August 2014

Happy Birthday Schnuppi!

Awwww... Light of my life. ^w^

I have now phase where I colour everything with pencils but after some works I remember again why I prefer markers. Oh well... At least something with colours for once.

More comics coming soon! ;)

02 August 2014

Sketches 3

I think this's the last sketch for a while. Ready comics, where are you!?