31 March 2011

How do you feel?

Angst, angst, angst, angst, angst... Well, directly said, at moment I feel that I cannot keep my life together and everything is going wrong itself and I can't do anything against that. Bawww...

19 March 2011

Commercial brake

This time no comics, I'm sorry. I just want to let you know that now I have opened my own webshop where you can buy the beautiful jewelry from the company where I'm working. =) I'm also distributor so this shop don't actually have anything to do with my work at office, but instead what I do on my free time.

Energetix jewelry are not just any jewelry, but almost all products have magnets which do good for blood circulation and ease pains. So, "Jewelry for Wellness". Many different models offer something for everyone, as gift to yourself or to someone dear. Go look! Immediately!

FI: (shop of my mother for finnish readers, for english I unfortunately don't have option)

If you're interested to hear more about effect of the magnets or you would like to ask something else about the products, don't hesitate to ask!

In next days I'll post again some comics. =)

13 March 2011


Edit: Rainer saw this and pointed the fact that whale is written in german "Wal" and not like I thought "Wahl" (=election). That's why Wählchen is also wrong, it should be Wälchen (=whaley or smth). But whatever, he'll be always wählchen to me. ;3