21 November 2010


I wanted to post first "what happened at Kendo tournament" but I'm drawing already the third page and I want to post them all at once. But that no one thinks I started slacking off again, here's something new to see.

14 November 2010

Preview of my work

When writing stuff on this post, I just had to think "can my english get any more crappy from this??" Well, hopefully it's still understandable. Next time I'll tell what happened in Kendo tournament... ;)

11 November 2010

Frustrating Moments Part 2

I just had to post this because I'm exactly like that also. xD Only exception that this I still got through but I need Sun Sigil, so I need to winn the Trainer with 0.00.00 time. x__X

Thumbs up for me!

Sorry if I made mistake with the story. I heard that only once and only in german. I anyway don't have any idea how Dr. Goto looked like or is that even correct name. >___>

09 November 2010

Frustrating Moments


This next one was so bad, that I didn't want to upload it as main update. But here is it as small extra:
Small Story About Periods

02 November 2010

01 November 2010

Some excuses

Blog 1.11.10
Actually I really make sometimes inking in metro, but that's just bad excuse... My boyfriend already mistook that I make my updates on computer but I really do them with traditional brush ink pen. I need urgently new (you see some lines are already fading).