16 August 2015

The most saddest people have the biggest smile

I'm not feeling good at the moment... I usually post only positive stuff on my FB page or here but now I really need to open up. From one day to another everything can just change and life punches you in the face with full force... And sometimes that kickboxing goes on for months like in my case now... Some days you learn to ignore it and others you're overwhelmed of a single sentence or a word which has nothing to do with your miserable life. Why am I so sensitive? Why do I care? Why do I have to have any feelings at all...?

This aprx. 2 hour doodle came now out when I really felt hopeless and alone. In end I feel already better and most of these negative feelings are left on this drawing. Maybe in any point I redraw it and add more details but now I just wanted to reset my mind... Sorry for the silence here in my blog. Follow me on facebook to stay up to date of what I'm doing at the moment when I'm not too depressed to draw anything.