22 November 2012

Itkis, y u so retarded??

In next part my past adventures go on. For now, here's sexy St. Patricks day b...... girl. I got inspirtion to draw this while I were sitting in one Irish pub in Frankfurt with some beers as my only company. Little wrong time for that but whatever.

15 November 2012

04 November 2012


The next post is on way but Pokemon Black decided to stop me doing it. Damn you... but you're so addicting...
I chose to start with Oshawott 'cause I actually didn't like any starter Pokemon of this generation but since I usually never choose water type I gave him a chance. Now I start to like him actually :)

I bought it last week since i thought before that I wont buy it full price and since Black/White 2 are out this one's now cheaper. ;) At the momentin in my team is Woobat, Blitzle, Roggenrola, Pansear, Dewott and Audino. I will propably change them soon but at the moment I'm pretty satisfied of this combination.

Awwww, Audino... With his (mine is manly) super defense he has saved me from many critical moments already.
But don't worry kids! I'll make the next update ready soon. Or maybe I make some Pokeman fan art, we'll see. ;)