17 October 2012

Schatzilein... und ihr alle anderen!

I'm alive!

It's ages now from the last time I posted here anything n I think my drawing skills also made downgrade but I just wanted to say that I'm still checking up this blog n its statistics n I'm happy to see that there's every day visitor even when I've been so uncreative last months (well, year). Thank you everyone, I promise to let my creativity to fly free again soon!

Here's as a cheer up of my long absence a card which I made for my darling Rane. We've been at 10.10.12 exactly 4 years together. Writings about us is also seeable in previous posts. :) It feels like we've been together ages specially when I see from my blog "there I talked about him again". O__o This card I made in Illustrator with only couble of effects. Now when I look at it, I would want to make it better n give it again to Rane. Well, the next cards I make more detailed.

But anyway, luv u honeybun.... and all you visitors <3>

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