07 February 2011

"Where are you Itkis???"

If anyone's been waiting for updates and been disappointed of my slowlyness, here's an excuse: at moment I'm at diabetes klinik to put my treatment in order. That's right kiddies,  I have type 1 diabetes (so the worst one) since 16 years and once in a while it just wants to make my life difficult and then I need little outside help to get everything in shape again. I'll be out after this week so I'll try to get some unfinished stuff ready and share them with you all ASAP.

p.s. I'm really happy to see how my pageviews are rising so amazingly. Big thanks to all of you, you make me hate myself little less <3


  1. so sorry to hear about that........but your posts make my day!!! good to hear that your better and can't wait for more posts. take care now.

  2. Voih, diabetes vaikuttaa melkoselta vitsaukselta :( Eikä päivityksistä kannata stressata, totta kai oikea elämä menee bloggauksen edelle. Toivottavasti paranet pian! <3

  3. Annika: No eipä tästä oikeen parantua voi, lol, angst xD Nojoo, nyt oon jo palannu reilusti arkeen ja alkaa tää pikkuhiljaa mennä vähä paremmin ku aiemmin. Bloggauksia vaan on edelleenki vaan keskeneräisinä vihko pullollaan. Sais vähä ny olla enemmän potkua itessä et sais jotain tehtyä loppuunki asti. >:C

    Mr Teddy: thanks dude :) I'll try to make your day more often in future, my sketch block is full of unfinished stuff which just waits to be shared here. :D