16 March 2009

First post, yay!

Okay, so this is officially the first post here. I don't delete my old blog which you can still go look from here but I wont update it anymore. Well I haven't told there yet that I'm changing address but anyway. You wont see drawings there any longer. In this post there's not going to be drawings either 'cause I haven't yet finished latest one but soon I will torture your eyes here also. =)
Now for last, good day/evening/night/morning (whatever) for everyone, I've been lately happy so everyone else should also be. <3 Make love not war! =D


  1. hi hanne, how are you? your work is very nice and simple... well listen, mohammed is going back to finland to work summer and as you know he needs a worker, as you been great one he is asking if you will be interested for working all the summer with him, money is the same or better... this is my email for reply... care, khalil.

  2. hey beautiful site i witch good thing for you

  3. Thanks Anonymous =)

    Sorry Khalil, I didn't see your comment earlyer but I anyway told u already what I've been doing lately. =) Hopefully you're doing well!